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Nowadays it can be increasingly difficult to get a genuine night’s sleep. What with the pressures of this and that, be they work worries, family issues, financial issues or the general world-weariness of stress that seems so overwhelming in the modern age, or whether it’s a partner’s snoring, outside street lamps or unsociable working patterns, a genuine night’s relaxation can be incredibly difficult to get. This is a difficulty that a huge number of people experience, and for many medicine is the right solution. But prescribed drugs for rest can for lots of people people seem like a hammer to crack a walnut- you might believe that the resolution here is potentially as harmful as the problem itself. That’s where natural, over-the-counter sleeping remedies like Alteril come in. Alteril is sold by your pharmacy without a prescription, and is designed to allow you to have a first-rate night’s slumber without resorting to the types of strong sedative found in prescription sleeping tablets. Many people are more comfortable with a natural alternative like Alteril because they are dubious about the side effects that heavier pills can introduce to your bloodstream. 

Herbal alternatives to prescription drugs, like Alteril, have been designed to assist people to sleep in a more natural way, using the sedative effect of a mixture of occurring plants to make a naturally deep and lasting sleep a more realistic possibility, whereas prescription sleeping drugs are believed by many to bring about an unnaturally sound and almost unconscious sleep. 

The ingredients of Alteril supplements that so many people who struggle with sleeping are finding to work well for them are quite varied. The most prominent among the Alteril ingredients is L-tryptophan, which naturally helps the human brain to boost its levels of the chemicals melatonin as well as serotonin. Another of the Alteril ingredients is Valerian Root, which derives from the Valerian plant and has been long thought to have sleep-inducing response on people. The next of the Alteril ingredients is L-Theanine which comes from green tea and is thought to have a beneficial effect on the brain waves that human brains make when entirely relaxed. Chamomile is another of the Alteril ingredients, and is a daisy-like flower with properties that increase muscle relaxation. Next of the Alteril ingredients is Lemon balm, which is the name given to Melissa officinalis, a herbal plant closely related to mint and has calming and also soporific properties. Hops are another of the Alteril ingredients- also used when brewing beer, this flower has habitually been used to help with anxiety and restlessness. The final among the Alteril ingredients is passion flower, which has been scientifically demonstrated to be an effective treatment for stress. When mixed together and taken in tabled form, these naturally occurring Alteril ingredients produce a relaxing and gentle, but ultimately effective sedative that people all over are learning to be a brilliant way to achieve a great night’s sleep, with little side effects.

If you think Alteril sounds like it might be the answer to your sleeping problems, frankly you may be correct. There’s no big negative side to the brilliant treatment that Alteril offers- try it!